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Diabetes is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar. The hormones, insul1n, moves sugar from the blood to be stored or used for energy.With diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insul1n or can’t effectively use the insul1n it makes.
TYPE1 Diabetes: The immune system attacks and destroys cells in the pancreas.
TYPE2 Diabetes: Your body becomes resistant to insul1n and sugar builds up in your blood.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are either Pre-diabetic or Diabetic

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased thirst
  • Weight loss
  • Frequent Urination
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Yeast infection
  • Blurry vision
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Sores that don’t heal
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world. As at 2016, Nigeria has the highest number of people with diabetes with 3.9 million. This figure will be doubled by 2020.In the 90s, little was known about diabetes in Nigeria. Today, the average household have a diabetes scare.
Diabetes is the main cause of serious diseases like heart failure, cardiovascular diseases like stroke, sexual dysfunction, nephropathy, retinopathy, vascular dysfunction and different forms of cancer.
Most diabetic patients suffer from non-healing wounds, which leads to Amputation of limbs, hand and foot. Also, diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease. Nigeria has one of the worst healthcare facilities in the world and the poverty index is so low.Are you are tired of regulated lifestyle?Are you are tired of feeding like you are a piece of experiment?Are you are sick of drugs day in day out without signs of improvement?I don’t want you to feel bad, I know exactly how you feel, I was once in your shoe. In the next few minutes, i will be showing you how to reverse this deadly disease before it does more harm to you. But before that,

Who Am I? Why Am I Doing This?

LIVE PURE is the No1 health and wellness company in North America. In fact, pure products are licensed by the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR.net) in USA. PDR is the encyclopedia of doctors and pharmacist in USA. Pure has six of its products listed on PDR.net and it is widely used by doctors in the USA for treatment for various forms of diseases.

Over the years, i have discovered that people don’t like to talk about their ailment because of the fear of stigmatization. can we blame them? no we can’t but thanks to the internet, it keeps you anonymous while also getting your issues solved.  the internet gives me unlimited access to thousand of people trying hard to overcome this terrible disease. For the past 3 years, i have been able to help several  people overcome this terrible ailment.

Why are you Diabetic?

You will agree with me that the best way to solve a problem is treating the Root Cause, let me explain better. Assuming someone got his leg broken, definitely he will feel pains, in order to take care of the pains, he used pain reliever, the pains got suppressed, does that means his legs is still not broken? No, his leg is still broken just that his pain has been reduced. That is exactly how treating the symptoms of disease instead of the Root Cause works, and that explains what your medications has been doing. To answer your question, your medications cannot heal you, they are meant to just “reduce” the symptoms of the diabetes (and not treat it) for as long as your money can last.
What Doctors Don’t Tell You
If you ask them what causes diabetes, some will say they don’t know, some will blame it on old age, some will blame it on nutrition. as sad as this conflicting information is, they prescribe heavy dosages for you monthly, and you buy them without hesitation because “health is wealth”

The truth is that you are diabetic because
Your pancreas does not produce enough insul1n (that’s why some patients do take insul1n injection early morning)
Your body does not make use of the insul1n produced.
Your immune system is too weak for fight against external forces (diabetes)

Why does your pancreas not produce insul1n? 
Why does your body not make use of insul1n? 
why is your immune system weak?

These are the questions you should ask your doctor, but how would you ask when they don’t tell you what causes it?

The reason all these are happening to you is because your system is filled with toxins (this is the root cause of all diseases)

So the first stage of treatment is to get rid of toxins in your system.

If these 3 things goes wrong, regardless of the age, gender, diabetes will come into play. But some people say it only affects elderly people? it can affect anybody regardless of the age, just that it is common among old people because their immune system gets weak with age.

HOW Pure Products helped in regulating my Blood sugar levels
From 2002 to 2018, I was battling this terrible disease, i couldn’t afford so many things, as i was spending about 70% of my income on treating diabetes and liver problem. little did i know that my medications was the main cause of this issue. After spending tons of money nursing my diabetes, my wife’s friend messaged her on facebook, she is a medical doctor in the united states, my wife explained to her what’s going on with me, and she asked what i have been using, after my wife explained to her, she asked if i was having blurred vision, kidney issues or any other complications, my wife told her i had blurry vision and liver issues, and she confirmed that the medicines i have been using is the cause of the complications. That was when it occurred to me that my doctor had changed my medications 5 times within the space of 12 years. I took my time to read about the side effects of the medicine i was using, lo and behold, I was shocked.
After 2 days, she ordered for 2 natural supplements and also gave some directives on what to do, in a week, the supplements arrived Nigeria, and i started using them in accordance to her directives. Honestly i didn’t care what the supplements are or where they are from, i just wanted help, so i used them accordingly with the home treatment she suggested and on the 3rd week, I went from 230 to 136 mg/dL. After the completion of the treatment on the 4th week, i continued with the home remedy, and since 2018 till date, I have been feeding normally like everybody else. After I saw this changes in 2018, I told some people i know about it, they used it and told others about it and the good news keeps spreading.
As interesting as this is, i don’t want you to take my word for it, read what people are saying.

Another testimony From Erasmus

I also got to know that these products are in the physician desk reference ( a governmental health website where you can confirm if doctors or health industries certified any medicine/supplement)  which means it is recommended worldwide by physicians. The amazing thing about this company is that they assign to you a representative that makes sure everything is going fine with you during this period till you get your desired result.  (They take you by the hand till you achieve your desired result).

What are the products and how can you get them?

Before i show you these products, i want you to check and note your sugar level before the representative will call you. after 2 weeks you started taking this products, i want you to note the difference again, and by this time, you will be jumping for joy because you will see the drastic changes in your sugar level reading (provided you follow the dosage plan and the recommendations of the representatives). By the time you are done with the dosage plan, your sugar level would be balanced, and to keep it balance for life, you will stick firmly to whatever the representative advises you to do. To effectively get rid of diabetes, you have to go to the root cause. The root cause of diabetes is “OXIDATIVE STRESS”. OXIDATIVE STRESS is caused by the Imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. The root cause of oxidative stress is TOXINS. Our world is full of toxins from the air, food, water, sunlight, chemicals, drugs and medicine prescribed by doctors and pharmacists


Purxcel is a Tri-active technology, developed and patented by LIVEPURE. Purxcel is the most Advanced GLUTATHIONE solution in the world. Purxcel is the most effective SOD (SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE) solution ever made. Purxcel contains ALOE ACEMANNAN. These 3 components are the solution to OXIDATIVE STRESS. Purxcel also contains 15 super antioxidants which support the body cell immunity, energy, libido and sexual performance, liver detox, anti-aging cellular regeneration, skin regeneration.Another testimony

How much is it and where can you get it?

By now, you would be asking where to get this product and how much it is.
let me ask you this simple questions
1. How long have you been battling this disease?
2. How much do you spend monthly on this deadly disease?
3. How much are you willing to spend if it result to other life threatening complications?
4. Between a one time treatment, a healthy lifestyle while eating what you want like everyone else and everyday medicine, everyday injection, every month dialysis and restricted lifestyle, which one would you prefer?

1 Month Treatment = (2 Purxel and 1 Cleanse) 40,000 50,000

Diabetes - Cospex Sparkling Services

2 Month Treatment = (4 Purxel and 2 Cleanse) 70,000

2 purxcel + 1 cleanse is 40,000 Naira (1 Month Treatment )4 purxcel + 2 cleanse is 70,000 Naira (Complete recommendation)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this treatment have side effect? Ans: No it doesn’t have side effect, they are manufactured from Pure Organic Nutrients.

How long do i have to take this treatment to get total treatment? Ans: at the completion of this treatment, you would have seen the changes you desire.

Will my blood sugar rise again after finishing this treatment? Ans: No, it won’t provided you follow the directives of the representative.

How am i going to get these products? Ans: There is a form below, kindly fill it accordingly, our representative will see it and get in touch with you.

Is there anyone i can talk to? I really need it urgently. Ans: call 08121691514

How is the payment plan? Ans: we accept Online payment/ payment on delivery.  How long does it take to get my products?

Ans: Delivery takes between 24 to 48 hours, but on very rare occasions, it takes 72 hours. The delivery is also free for a limited time, after which you will have you pay for your delivery.

How to get it? Fill the form below. You will  be attended to immediately. If you are unable to fill the form, contact 08121691514
Please place your order only if you are ready.

Send The Following Details to this Number  08121691514
1. Your Name
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3. The Address you want it Delivered to
4. How many bottles of PureXcel and cleanse you want to place Order for.